Our Process


Using AI-based technology combined with traditional methods of SAR analytics, medicinal chemistry analyses, and exhaustive prior-art research we design novel molecular scaffolds possessing the steric and electronic requirements necessary to target specific serotonin receptor binding pockets.


Key metrics for scaffold selection and compound design include those most likely to reduce or eliminate hallucinogenic and cardiotoxic effects, as well as reducing off-target impacts on other biochemical pathways.

Patent Filing Strategy

Our technical team and legal experts have spent thousands of hours rigorously examining the patent landscape as it relates to serotonin receptor therapeutics in an effort to confirm patentability and freedom to operate for our novel scaffolds and their related drug candidates. So far, this has resulted in the preparation and filing of more than 30 patent applications, with many of those applications individually disclosing 500+ novel compounds. We expect our first patent applications to publish Q1 2023.

Compound synthesis

Leveraging our in-house state of the art laboratory and 50+ years of combined medicinal chemistry expertise, we synthesize, purify and characterize our molecules before sending them off for in vitro and in vivo studies.

pre-clinical studies

Once identified as a potential lead, our top candidates are advanced into our pre-clinical program with leading academic collaborators for optimization and indication-specific studies.