About Küleon

Our Team

Allen C. Barbieri


David Gilles

Chief Technical Officer

Jason Greer


Jeremy Forest

Co-Founder and Advisor

Dr. Andy Mattei 

Chief Medical Officer

Scientific Advisory Board

Peter J. Weiden, M.D.

Christoph Correll, M.D.

Other Advisors

John McCorvy, Ph.D.

Adam Halberstadt, Ph.D.

Küleon is a drug discovery company leveraging proprietary, AI-based technology to identify novel serotonergic drugs for the targeted treatment of various neuropsychiatric diseases.  We are advancing the understanding of serotonin receptor signaling in the brain to create target-directed approaches for treating diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s psychosis through novel mechanisms of action (MOAs). We have successfully identified several preclinical leads that have significantly improved characteristics (biased signaling mechanism with limited hallucinogenic and cardiotoxic liability) when compared to other known serotonergic drugs.